The $53 Billion Dollar Question

moneyThe Pentagon recently submitted its 2014 budget request and – surprise, surprise – it was close to $53 billion above its allocated spending limit. Cue the usual public outcry and media fury, but the truth is that Americans spent even more than that last year on pets alone, and no one even raised an eyebrow!

In 2012, we the people forked out a whopping $53.3 billion on our furry friends without so much as breaking a sweat. With around 65% of all homes in the US claiming an animal as part of the family, our annual spending on pet food, veterinary services and pet luxuries has become colossal.

Experts say this figure is only going to increase, so you’d better have pretty deep pockets to keep your pet in the manner to which it is obviously now accustomed. Read more…

About the Author: John Bone

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