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Five Things You Never Knew About Ferrets

If you’ve ever spent a considerable amount of time with a ferret, then you can probably understand why the furry critters have been skyrocketing in popularity. From a child’s first pet to a companion for a senior citizen, ferrets are one of the greatest pets that a person can own. Ferrets have a reputation for […]


Do Ferrets Smell? The Truth About Their Musk

For years, ferrets have gotten a bad rap because of their muskiness. It’s true, in the wild a ferret does have a musty odor that can take a while to get used to, however, the same is not true with most ferrets that are kept indoors. In fact, the majority of ferrets that you find […]


Tips for Owning a Ferret

Ferrets are one of the most love-able critters a family can adopt. They are extremely loyal, able to be trained and are wildly affectionate. For the last 20 years the popularity of ferrets has sky rocketed in the United States. At the moment, there are tens of thousands of ferret owners in the U.S.A. who […]


Ferrets in Feature Films

“Ah, nice marmot.” Ferrets are not always portrayed as loveable critters in movies. In the film The Big Lebowski, a group of German kidnappers carry a “vicious” ferret along with them to intimidate and bite victims. In Starship Troopers, a science-fiction movie, a ferret is trained via ESP to scare woman and climb up their […]


Owning a Sugar Glider

Once you hold a Sugar Glider in person, it can be tempting to bring them home right away. Sugar Gliders are some of the most interesting critters an animal owner can keep, but they can be a handful of work, too. For the past 15 years Gliders have continued to become one of the most […]


Why Do Rabbits Get Mean?

Some people find it hard to believe that a rabbit could be mean. After all, we are all used to the charming and funny images that we see of rabbits on TV. You know, rabbits like Bugs Bunny and Peter Rabbit. But, that’s not always accurate. Sometimes, rabbits can get a little feisty, but it’s […]