Tri-Tronics: Pioneers of Dog Training Products

tri tronics1As far as serious dog trainers and hunters are concerned there is only one name in e-collars; Tri-Tronics. For 45 years it has led the way in the training collar industry, introducing new and innovative products and features that revolutionized the way people went about training their dogs back in the 1960s and it continues to do so today.

So influential has Tri-Tronics been that many of the features taken for granted as standard on e-collars today, were originally pioneered by Tri-Tronics. Variable stimulation intensity, tone-only modes, multiple dog capability and momentary or continuous stimulation were all introduced by Tri-Tronics. Tri-Tronics’ equipment is the choice of professionals because of its proven ruggedness and dependability. Read more…

SportDOG Training Collars

dogsSportDOG is unique among the training collar manufacturers in that it satisfies both the professional hunting/sporting dog market and the domestic/companion pet market.

The team behind SportDOG are all dedicated outdoorsmen who like nothing better than being out on the prairie or in the woods hunting with their dogs. However, the manufacturing powerhouse behind SportDOG comes from parent company and pet industry giant PetSafe. By combining PetSafe’s R&D muscle with SportDOG’s in-house professional expertise, SportDOG training collars have appeal to both markets.

Training a dog is always going to be a time-consuming, hands-on process. There are many distractions for a companion dog being trained in the backyard and this is multiplied for hunting dogs being trained in open environments. SportDOG shock collars are invaluable tools for both types of training, and with seven ‘ranges’ to choose from you are sure to find the training collar that perfectly meets your needs. More…