Do Ferrets Smell? The Truth About Their Musk

ferret3For years, ferrets have gotten a bad rap because of their muskiness. It’s true, in the wild a ferret does have a musty odor that can take a while to get used to, however, the same is not true with most ferrets that are kept indoors. In fact, the majority of ferrets that you find from licensed breeder or pet store will already have been de-scented.
Ferrets have long been considered one of the most affectionate animals for pet lovers. They’re emotional, furry and above all, entertaining. Watching a ferret wobble around a living room or stick its head through a paper towel tube can have an entire family stitching with laughter. However, there are still some negative stereotypes about the animals. Click HERE to learn the truth about ferrets.

About the Author: Sean Bowes

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