Ferrets in Feature Films

arnold“Ah, nice marmot.”
Ferrets are not always portrayed as loveable critters in movies. In the film The Big Lebowski, a group of German kidnappers carry a “vicious” ferret along with them to intimidate and bite victims. In Starship Troopers, a science-fiction movie, a ferret is trained via ESP to scare woman and climb up their legs and in the Harry Potter films they are used as food for magical creatures called Hippogriffs.
Luckily, not every movie depicts ferrets in such a negative light. In fact, some Hollywood movies include ferrets who save lives. Find out what other movies featured ferrets HERE.

The Painful History of Tail Docking

Unfortunately, tail docking has been a part of the doggy world for thousands of years. Many people still believe that the practice is harmless and beneficial for the dog. But, those were never the reasons that tail docking became popular.

There has been a shady history behind tail docking since the beginning. It was originally done to help dog’s in dog fights and in gambling games like ratting (an event where dogs chase and kill vermin). Docking was never really about helping the dog. Within the last two decades, there has even been a study condemning the entire practice. To check out more of this story, click here.

The Military Uses Doggles

doggles blue
In 1945, an American scientist named Percy Spencer came to the realization that radar transmitters could release enough heat to cook food. Spencer came to this realization after a Mr. Goodyear bar melted in his pocket as he walked amongst a heavily trafficked Ally Area during WWII. Later, Spencer deduced that the high powered microwave radar transmitters used in the local areas melted his candy bar, and this discovery soon led to the invention of the microwave. Throughout history, the military has been instrumental in the development and production of numerous products that have eventually found their way into homes across the globe. Today, they are still playing a pivotal role with innovative products, the latest being Doggles. The military has adopted the use of Doggles in an attempt to protect some of their best soldiers: canines.

Dog Waste Will Contaminate the Water You Drink

Taking your dog out for a walk so he can relieve himself is part of the normal routine for millions of Americans around the country. Unfortunately, there are some that don’t clean up after their pups during this walk. For whatever reason, they think that it’s not important. However, that is not the case.

Not cleaning up after your dog when he relieves himself is not only rude, but it can be detrimental to you and the people around you. Each year, millions of tons of dog waste flood into local water supplies, making certain activities near impossible. Of course, there is an easy solution to this problem: pick up after your dog. To check out the full article, click here.

Do Dogs Like Dog Cages?

Imagine being locked in a cage, even if it’s only for a few minutes. You probably couldn’t handle it. Many humans start to panic and feel trapped when locked into a cage because of our natural associations with what cages symbolize (prison, lack of freedom). However, dogs don’t feel the same way about cages. They have different associations.

For dogs, being locked in a cage symbolizes a sense of security. This is because dogs are wild animals. In the wild, it’s important to have a safe place to sleep without having to worry about predators. Of course, this is only one of the reasons that dogs like their cage. To find out more, check out our article here.

Funny Pet Memes Take Over the Internet

beagleWhether they make you go “Ha-Ha”, LOL or have you ROFL, the fad of internet memes seems to becoming more and more popular. For those who don’t spend hours surfing the web, memes are goofy photographs on the internet that sometimes involve a cartoon or animal with text which may be satirical, ludicrous of just plain silly in hopes that people will “laugh out loud” at the amusing images.
For whatever reason, it seems that cats have been taking over the internet in the goofy sector. From grumpy cat to monorail cat, there seems to a meme for everyone. See if any of these memes have you chuckling HERE

Is Your Doggy Dreaming?

dog sleep
Sometimes watching your pooch take a nap can be more entertaining than going out to the movies, especially if your dog is a “heavy dreamer.” Some dogs will twitch, bark or even jog in place during their sleep. If this sounds like a regular occurrence for your dog, you have a “dreamer.” A dreaming dog isn’t a bad thing; in fact some studies have found that it is a healthy sign of brain activity.
Many pet owners wonder what their dog is dreaming about, though. Maybe they are reliving the events of the day or fantasizing about a backyard filled with bones or perhaps they’re just dreaming of a brand new chew toy. Some experts think they may know what is happening in your dog’s head after their eyes shut, find out more Here

Owning a Sugar Glider

Once you hold a Sugar Glider in person, it can be tempting to bring them home right away. Sugar Gliders are some of the most interesting critters an animal owner can keep, but they can be a handful of work, too.

For the past 15 years Gliders have continued to become one of the most popular small pets in American homes. The Australian-bred marsupials come from the same family as Kangaroos or Koala Bears and can be a safe pet to have around small children. Before you a buy a Sugar Glider, Click Here to See What You Need To Know.

The Best Places for Cat Naps

1433643_82581131If you’re a cat owner, you’re all too familiar with lint rollers and special grooming brushes for your feline friend. A cat will curl up almost anywhere for a snooze, which can make professional life terrible. It seems like your favorite shirt or blouse is almost always covered in cat hair when it’s time to get ready for work.

If you have a kitty that likes to sleep on the couch, in the clothes hamper or on your bed, you may want to think of a solution for the problem. The reason your cat chooses those places is because it’s the most comfortable place it can find. Click Here to Find a Better Bed for Your Cat.

How to Train Your Cat to Walk with a Leash

Cat3Having your cat outdoors is an excellent way for them to exercise, but it can be dangerous to let your kitty run all over the neighborhood. Traffic, foxes and other stray dogs are all dangerous for a cat whose roaming around alone.

If you start while they’re young and you have a bit of patience, there is no reason why you cannot train your cat to go on walks the same way you would a canine. Walking a cat with a leash is a safe way to get your feline outdoors. Read more on training your cat to walk on a leash Here.