Treating an Injured Paw Pad: Use Muttluks

dog paw
As a society, we have always had a fascination with shoes. This can be seen in the history of the Air Jordan shoe. In the 1980s, Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan shoes were banned from being worn during NBA games. The NBA commissioner felt that the shoes were too flashy and took away from the team aspect of the game. Jordan, however, didn’t listen and continued to wear his outlawed shoe and was fined 5,000 dollars a game for doing so. Soon, Nike started playing commercials that showed the shoes being crossed out, proclaiming that they were too controversial for the NBA. After that, the shoes began selling out of every store in America, and today, the Jordan brand is a billion dollar plus company. Even though many are fascinated by shoes like the Air Jordan, many people don’t care about the shoes made for dogs. This should not be the case. Today, the Air Jordan’s of doggie shoes are Muttluks. Muttluks are proven to help your dog recover from foot pad injuries (which are extremely prevalent), protect him from harsh elements, and are made to fit every pup’s paw. At Pet Street Mall, we have all of the information about dog paw injuries and how Muttluks can help.

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