The 4 Different Types of Bark Collar & How They Work

dog barking1
No matter how much you love your dog, when it barks incessantly it can drive you to distraction. You won’t be winning any new friends among your neighbors either if it’s your dog that’s the endless ‘backyard barker’.

Training a dog to stop barking is time consuming and when you’re not there Fido might still keep yapping anyway. If you really want to train your dog not to bark you’re going to need something that continues to work even when you’re not around – the bark collar.

Simply slip it on your pooch and the clever dog bark collar does the rest. By sensing when your pet is barking it sends an interruption that will cause the dog to stop, and it repeats this whenever Fido tries barking again. Positive results are usually seen in just a couple of days.

There are four different types of bark collars and our quick guide will walk you through each.
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