Spray Bark Collars are the Kinder, Non-Shock Way to Train a Dog to Stop Barking

dog barking1For the sensitive pet lover, not to mention the sensitive pet, there is a dilemma when it comes to bark training. Of course you want your prized pooch to not be a noisy nuisance, but the thought of one of those ‘shock’ collars is completely against how you want to treat your dog.

The answer lies in the spray collar. Humane and safe (as well as being eco-friendly) the spray collar emits a small cloud of vaporized liquid near a dog’s snout that acts as a barking deterrent. The results are positive with many owners reporting that their dogs reduced their barking within a couple of days.

Spray collars are easy to use and require little or no input form the pet’s owner. Just put the spray collar on your dog before leaving the house and the collar teaches the dog not to bark even while you’re out at work. Read more…

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