Product Review – Dogtra iQ No Bark Collar

Rottweiler_Puppies_PictureSome dogs just don’t seem able to stay quiet whenever there’s the slightest distraction, which is infuriating at the best of times and particularly so at night when you’re trying to sleep. It’s not surprising then that training a pet not to bark is an important step for any dog owner.

Bark training can be very time consuming because no matter how long you spend preventing Fido from barking when you’re at home, the moment you leave the house he often starts up again. Because you’re no longer around to stop it, all of your good work is undone and you’re back to square one.

Bark collars continue to train a dog not to bark even when you’re not there. Proven to be highly effective at teaching dogs not to bark, bark collars are very popular among people who love their dogs but not their dogs’ barking.
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