Hot Heat Can Cause Horrible Pain For Pooches Paws

dog-2681_640The south is not an easy place to live. There is traffic, hurricanes and blazing heat. For dogs, it’s even worse. The humidity takes a toll on them quickly and their fur coats can becomes so hot it’s unbearable. To make matters worse, the roads are made from rough asphalt that makes walking on them without proper shoes a nightmare. If you’re a dog taking an evening stroll, it can be murder on the paws.

Even though a dog’s weight is distributed across four legs instead of just two, it is still their only way to get around (unless you count swimming). When the sun gets hot and the black asphalt becomes blistering, it’s no fun being a dog on a walk…until now! Muttluks has created a way for dogs to take walks in any condition without having to worry about the temperature of the ground. CLICK HERE to learn how Muttluks can save the paws on your best friend.

About the Author: Sean Bowes

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