Helping Rescue Dogs Get Adjusted To Crates

cujo-01[1]When first bringing a dog home from the pound—whether it’s the local Humane Society or an animal services kennel, adjusting from a cage to a crate can be tricky for most dogs. After being in captivity for an extended period of time, many dogs can be reluctant to get back in a cage of any type. It’s easy for pups to associate being put in a cage, or crate, with being deserted. It can be even worse for dogs that have been rescued more than once.

However, with the proper type of crate and ample training, this behavior can be helped and even eliminated. It all begins as soon as the dog is introduced to the home. It’s important to establish boundaries and let the dog know what is his or hers and what is yours, especially sleeping space. CLICK HERE to see how rescue dogs can be trained to use Dog Crates.

About the Author: Sean Bowes

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