Einstein E-Collars

einstein wideNaming your products after one of the most celebrated geniuses of the 20th century is a pretty bold move unless you can live up to the expectations. E-Collar Technology’s Einstein range of training collars doesn’t disappoint, combining technical innovation with superb quality.

Einstein training collars are the only e-collars on the market to feature low-level ‘wide pulse’ stimulation instead of the high-level ‘narrow pulse’ corrective signals that have been regarded as inhumane among dog behaviorists and pet owners. Unlike traditional training collars Einstein collars cause no pain, instead mimicking the stimulation a mother gives a puppy. E-Collar Technologies is also one of the few manufacturers to build its collars in the U.S. and they rigorously test each one prior to shipping.

We take a look at this innovative company and its training collars which are changing the way people are training their pets.

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