Dogtra: User-Friendly Training Collars for Professional Hunters and Pet Trainers

trainedThe name Dogtra has long been known throughout the world of sporting and hunting dog trainers as the force behind some of the finest quality e-collars and dog training products available.

Recognizing that companion pet owners also needed to train their dogs to be well behaved and responsible, Dogtra developed a range of pet training products for the non-professional user. Utilizing the same proven technological platforms from its pro line of e-collars, Dogtra’s range of companion dog collars are of an exceptionally high standard thanks to this crossover of technology.

By offering training collars, containment fences and no-bark collars Dogtra provides all the tools needed to safely contain and train a dog. In addition it also offers bird launchers, remote release systems and beeper collars for training hunting dogs. Read more…

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