Dog Life Jackets: Because Fido Wants to Play Too

waterskiEver since mankind evolved itself out of the water, we seem to have been all too keen to run back in, closely followed by our pet dogs. Swimming and hanging out at the beach, by the lake, on a boat, or by the pool is one of our favorite pastimes, but for dogs the water can be a dangerous place.

Despite having the ‘doggy paddle’ swimming style named in their honor, dogs aren’t the best swimmers and many breeds can’t swim at all. So whenever you’re near water your pet should wear a dog life jacket. After all, you make your kids wear them, so make sure Fido does too.

A dog life jacket is inexpensive to buy but if it stops your four-legged friend from drowning then it’s worth its weight in gold. Available in all sizes for all types of dogs, pet life jackets let the whole family – Fido included – enjoy quality time together. Read more…

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