Buying Invisible Fence Batteries

dog in woodsThe thing about an invisible dog fence is that you can’t see it; it’s invisible. As they say “Out of sight is out of mind” and it’s easy to forget that an invisible fence is there. However you don’t want to forget the batteries that power the fence’s receiver collar, because if you don’t change them before they run dry, your precious fence will stop working and your even more precious pooch will escape.

Batteries, like anything, aren’t cheap, but by buying from dedicated pet supplies specialist PetStreetMall you can make considerable savings of up to 50% on replacement and rechargeable batteries. In fact using rechargeable batteries instead of disposables can save you as much as $1000 over the lifespan of your invisible fence.

Remember, the best place to buy batteries is PetStreetMall.

About the Author: John Bone

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