A Look at the Modern Scarecrow

sprinklerSince the late 1800s the modern man has used scarecrows to frighten away pesky rodents and birds. There have been few innovations of the scarecrow in the last 100 years, too. Some homeowners have put scary faces on their scarecrows, others put a dummy rifle in its hands and more mechanically inclined farmers have gone as far as putting small windmills or moving parts on the scarecrows in hopes of shooing away vermin and birds that might enjoy feasting on a nice garden or a small farm.

Recently at Pet Street Mall, we took the opportunity to check out the latest in scarecrow technology, the ScareCrow Sprinkler. This new battery-powered pest deterrent could be the answer to bothersome raccoons and feral cats that have been making a home in your yard. Check out what we found out about the Scarecrow Sprinkler <a href=”http://www.petstreetmall.com/articles/a-look-at-the-modern-scarecrow.aspx“>Here. </a>

About the Author: Sean Bowes

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