PetSafe: The #1 Name in Pet Products

petsafe hqPetSafe is the biggest name in the pet products market and it fully deserves to hold that position. Founded in 1991, since that time PetSafe has dedicated itself to keeping pets safe and making the world a more pet-friendly environment for them to live in.

All PetSafe products are designed by a team of scientists and self-confessed pet-lovers, and are developed very much for pets and their owners. New products are endlessly tested with real pets and real owners to hone them to perfection, and only once they satisfy PetSafe’s exacting standards will they go into production.

We take a look at PetSafe, the people behind it, and some of its most important pet-friendly products. Click here to learn more about the #1 name in keeping pets healthy and happy…

About the Author: John Bone

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