Top Tips for Buying the Right Dog Car Seat

griswoldsYou can’t enjoy happy trails without including the happy wagging tails in the family. Your dogs are an important part of the family, so when there’s a road trip (or even the weekly shopping run) Fido needs to come along too.

Of course you wouldn’t so much as pull out of your driveway until the kids had their seat belts on, so why should it be any different for the dog? It might look cute seeing a dog’s head flapping in the wind outside a car window, but in the event of a sudden stop or an accident, if your dog isn’t secure it’s in danger of being severely injured.

A pet car seat will help keep your pooch safe and stop it from roaming around while you’re trying to concentrate on the road ahead. We offer up some top tips for buying the one that will suit you and your pet the best.

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