The Freedom of Outdoors with the Security of Indoors for Your Cats: Kittywalk

kittywalkMaking the decision between letting a cat freely roam outside or keeping it safe within the home is a difficult one for cat lovers. You want what’s best for your kitty but both scenarios have their downsides.

It’s true that cats need the sensory stimulation and copious exercise being outdoors offers. But it’s also true that indoor cats are expected to live longer lives because they don’t get exposed to dangers such as diseases, busy roads and other animals.

New York firm Kittywalk Systems has the solution: a set of modular cat pens that can be joined together to create elaborate cat playgrounds that also keep pets safely contained at all times.

Hand crafted from sturdy materials there’s nothing remotely comparable to Kittywalk in terms of durability, quality, or value for money on the marketplace today. It should also be pointed out that Kittywalk is ideal for small sized dogs. Learn more here…

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