Tips on Successfully Training Dogs Using a Training Collar

dog trainingWhether it’s an overly playful pup, misbehaved mutt, or feisty four-legged friend, all dogs need to be properly trained. A well behaved dog will be less likely to run off and put itself in harm’s way, is less likely to chew the furniture, dig up the yard, get into the trash, or generally be a crazy canine.

One of the most versatile pet training tools is the training or electronic collar. Offering a selection of corrective stimulations and an array of sensitivity settings, the training collar is an invaluable asset and professional trainers such as Cesar Milan and Michael Ellis use training collars, as do thousands of household pet owners across the U.S.

Whether you’re a seasoned pet trainer or a first time dog owner, read on to discover the secrets to successful dog training using an e-collar.

Product Review – SportDOG SD-105 & SD-105S

105sBecause you’d rather be spending your time hunting or playing with your dog and not endless hours training, do as the professional trainers and hunting dog handlers do and use a training collar.

Teaching behavioral patterns to a dog isn’t easy and can be time-consuming, even when working with naturally obedient and complaint dogs. Training collars dramatically help the training process, thus making training quicker and less stressful to you or your dog.

SportDOG has developed a range of training collars designed for professional and amateur sportsmen, and we shine the spotlight on its SD-105 and SD-105S collars. With introductory training and obedience in mind, the SD-105 and SD-105S offer excellent value for money and are aimed at people newer to dog training. More here…

Shock Collars for Hunting and Working Dogs

old hunting dogFrom seasoned professional hunters and trainers to novices taking their first steps in the world of dog training, the most important training tool to have is the shock collar. Shock collars were originally designed for working and hunting dogs in order to stop them chasing down game, and they are still seen as an invaluable training tool.

Today’s collars have fully adjustable correction levels, as well as tone and vibration corrective stimulations. They also have much longer operational ranges, rugged waterproof construction and a variety of other features to keep hunting dogs under control.

Because of their versatility shock collars are also used in the companion pet market but they show their full potential when used with hunting and working dogs. Read More…