Outdoor Heated Pet Bed Review


It is important to keep your dog warm in the face of cold weather. In the Idatrod Trail Sled Dog Race, dogs are forced to mush through a 1,100 mile course in the frigid elements of Alaska. This race is an annual dog sled race, and during its 40 year history, people have pleaded for rule changes in the event. Currently, the rules indicate that dogs must remain in the cold outdoor weather even if there is a break in the race. Thankfully for us dog owners, we have outdoor heated pet beds and pet house furnaces to keep our pets warm while they spends their time outdoors. Having an outdoor pet bed and a pet house furnace will give your dog the best of both worlds: the comfort of being indoors with the excitement of being outdoors. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about giving you dog the support he needs when playing outdoors.

How Will a Heated Pet Bed Help My Dog?


Sleep is very important in a dog’s life because it is how dog’s develop both physically and mentally. So, it is very important that you provide him with the opportunity to get the rest he needs. The best way to do this is with a heated pet bed. Here at Pet Street Mall, we have all of the information about the best heated pet beds on the market today.

Heated Pet Beds Help Your Dog Grow and Be Healthy


Heated pet beds can be crucial in your dog’s recovery and development. Heated beds have proven to be beneficial in helping a dog enjoy a better, deeper sleep. This is especially important in soothing the muscles and joints and helping a young puppy’s development. Here at Pet Street Mall, we have all of the information on why these heated pet beds are so important. Check out more here

A Good Night’s Sleep for Your Pets: Dog Beds 101

dog sleepOn average dogs sleep for about 14 hours every day. Ensuring your pet has a proper bed to sleep in is very important because without this sleep his health can deteriorate. A comfortable bed will cushion a dog’s joints and because dogs need a ‘private place’ to prevent them from suffering anxiety, dog beds are equally important to a dog’s psychology. Find out about dog beds here…

Will a Heated Pet Bed Help With Arthritis?


This article is perfect for anyone looking for information concerning canine arthritis and how heated pet beds can help. In order to care for your dog properly, you will need to know the warning signs of arthritis, how to prevent arthritis, and how to care for dogs that are suffering from arthritis. Undoubtedly, heated pet beds will help any dog overcome the pain of this very common problem. Learn more…