How to Train a Dog with an Electronic Fence

dog with ballBy its very nature an electric fence can’t be seen, therefore it’s necessary to teach your dog to recognize where the fence’s boundary is and to and obey it. Until a dog understands why it is receiving correction signals it will cause confusion. This may trigger distress in smaller dogs, or a renewed determination to challenge the fence in bigger, headstrong breeds.

The complete training process may take a few weeks, but each session is relatively quick and besides; you get to spend quality time bonding with your canine pal! By knowing the secrets to successful training and the easy 4-step lesson program, here is everything you need to know about training your dog with an electronic fence. Read more…

A Quick History of the Pet Fence

pet fence dogsPet fence, underground fence, fenceless boundary, invisible fence, dog fence – call it what you will, but the electric pet containment fence is a marvel of inventive thinking that revolutionized the pet industry.

It’s been with us for 40 years now and has helped millions of dog lovers keep their treasured pets safe and sound.

If you’re new to pet fences (or maybe even new to owning a dog) an excellent place to start is by reading our brief history of the electronic pet containment fence. It will help you understand what they are and hopefully answer some of your questions. Click here…