Product Review – WiFi Dog Fence by Perimeter

Keeping your dogs safely contained within your property’s boundaries and away from dangerous streets isn’t easy. If you’re lucky you may have a wooden or metal fence, but even these don’t guarantee absolute canine security.

Many pet lovers instead use wireless electronic fences to keep their dogs safe, and the very latest innovation to hit the wireless fence market is the WiFi Dog Fence from Perimeter technologies. We’ve put it through its paces and review it here…flags pet fence1

How Wireless Pet Fences Work

When it comes to keeping your pets safely within the borders of your property there are few better methods than the wireless fence. Allowing your pets to retain the freedom to run and play in your yard, but stopping them from straying into the street, a wireless fence is the ideal containment system. However, some people remain skeptical of wireless fences to our resident expert explains exactly how they work. Learn more…