Baths Can Help Dogs with Allergies

Similar to humans, many canines are battling the adverse effects of allergies. Two of the most common allergies are flea allergy dermatitis and environmental allergies. These allergies can cause skin problems and even lead to further complication (tapeworms). Of course, if your dog’s allergies are out of control, you should make a visit with the vet. But before this ever happens, there are easy at home remedies. The best remedy being regular bath times. These baths can help to prevent the problems that so many dogs face. Check out our full article on dog allergies and the benefits of bath time here…

What Are A Dog’s Favorite Tastes?

Have you ever wondered why your dog enjoys eating certain things? Or why most dog foods are made from certain ingredients? Well, it all has to do with the specialized palate of a dog. Because of years spent in the wild, a dog’s sense of taste is far different than us humans.

All humans have the ability to taste 4 different types of tastes: sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. Dogs have this, too. But, they also have one more sense… If you want to find out the full scoop, check out our story at Pet Street Mall.

Do Dogs Hate Clothes?

It is a widely held belief that all dogs hate clothing. However, that is not true. Dogs are only trained to hate clothing. Like anything, dogs need to be made to feel comfortable inside of their clothing. Much of this comfort can be established by keeping a few things in mind. Some of these things include:
• Introducing clothing to dogs when they are puppies.
• Making sure that your dog’s clothes fit properly (for sizing info, check out the full article)
• Finding clothes that can be beneficial for your pup
By keeping these things in mind, a dog’s love for his clothing will skyrocket! To check out the full scoop, click here.

Dogs with Lighter Eyes Are More Sensitive – Use Doggles

Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered where he got such soulful blue eyes? There may be a chance you have. There are a wide variety of dogs with blue eyes and some include: the Siberian Husky, Australian Shepherd, and Collies. Even though these eyes are very soulful, they are actually at a higher risk from the sun. Unlike humans that have their fancy sunglasses, dogs -who spend much of their time outside- are often left without any protection for their eyes. This lack of protection has been linked to eye disease and everyday problems. Luckily for you, Pet Street Mall offers Doggles. Doggles are specifically designed for dogs and are made to protect the damaging UV rays that come from the sun. Check out more…

6 Tips for Walking Your Dog

It is recommended that dog owners go on a daily or twice daily walk with their canine. Walking your dog is very important for a number of reasons that include:
• It helps you get exercise
• It helps your pup get exercise
• It is a good mental exercise for your pup
• It helps develop a bond between owner and dog
• It helps to keep a dog well-behaved
However, these things won’t sink in or be effective if your dog is not being walked properly. That’s right; there are certain techniques that all dog owners should use when walking their dog. To find out these tricks check out our article here.