Are Cats Dangerous Companions for Toddlers?

file000127188434[1]When it’s time to start a family there are always sacrifices you have to make. If you’re a cat owner, you may have heard there are dangers about bringing a baby home to a household with a kitty. The truth is, there is no reason why your family cannot have a cat and a baby in one home. However, for everyone to be healthy and safe there are precautions that should be made before bringing a baby home, or bringing a cat into a house with a toddler.

To read more about the steps you should take before keeping a cat and a baby in the same home, Read Here.

Tri-Tronics Officially Merges With Garmin

1385959_78881398When you’re headed into the wilderness with your dog, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing some serious exploring or hunting—you want to make sure you have a good lock on your dog’s location. In the great outdoors you can experience unexpected weather changes and unwelcomed visitors (bears or coyotes) that can spook your pooch.

Luckily, there are quality products that help pinpoint your dog’s location with extreme accuracy. Adding even more comfort to dog owners is that Garmin, one of the leaders in GPS, has merged with Tri-Tronics, a leader in dog tracking systems. Click Here to find out what this means for explorers.

Being in the Doghouse has Never Been so Good

roomwithaviewOnce upon a time, being sent to the doghouse was a thing of shame and disgrace, but today’s doghouses are more likely to be a place of happiness and excitement for Fido.

Rooftop doggy decks, shaded verandas, heated pads, cooling slatted windows; the new generation of doghouses are closer to mansions than houses. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Fido started behaving badly just as an excuse to be sent to the doghouse!

Come with us and look at the new breed of doghouse, find out about the features and see a few of our top picks. Read more here…

Why Should You Fear Lyme Disease?

tail2Some people are too protective with their pets. They need to secure it in a back room if guests come over so it doesn’t get overexcited, one table scrap could send them to the hospital and sharing dog toys with other pooches is completely out of the question! However, while most of the fears we have for our pets are probably blown out of proportion, there are some very real concerns to consider when you have a furry companion.

Flea and tick problems can be one of the easiest things to prevent, but it can also cause a deadly crisis if it isn’t handled correctly. Lyme Disease is one of the most dangerous risks of a flea outbreak. Click Here to see why fleas, ticks and Lyme Disease must be avoided at all costs.

Why Do Pets Love Filtered Water?

flu-dogIf you were stuck in the wilderness, which body of water would you be more likely to drink from; a warm and stagnant pond or a cold running, white water river? Unless you were delirious from eating some poisonous berries, you would most certainly choose the fresh water from a moving river. The reason is that moving water becomes highly filtered when it breaks the surface tension and it draws more oxygen, this process, which is called aeration, cleans the water.

Just like humans, pets recognize that moving water is more desirable than motionless water bowls. Luckily, there a few different options to quench your pet’s thirst with clean, moving water. Click Here to learn about filtered water for pets.

Best Ways to Pamper your Pooch

1123762_44442430Let’s face it –some canines are spoiled.

Designer dog collars, gourmet dog treats and trips to the most lavish dog groomer in town. Does this sound like your prissy pooch? You’re not alone. Some dog owners pamper their dogs more than their favorite grandkids, which can be understandable when your dog shows you how much they love you every time you come home from a crummy day. If you’re looking to celebrate your dog’s birthday, surprise it with a cool Christmas present, or even give them a “just because” present, Click HERE.

Tips for Owning a Ferret

ferret2Ferrets are one of the most love-able critters a family can adopt. They are extremely loyal, able to be trained and are wildly affectionate. For the last 20 years the popularity of ferrets has sky rocketed in the United States. At the moment, there are tens of thousands of ferret owners in the U.S.A. who love and adore their wobbly friends.

However, just because they are adorable, doesn’t mean that they are trouble-free. Ferrets are notoriously mischievous and if they are left alone for too long they can get in to serious naughtiness. Click Here to Learn What You Need To Know Before Bringing a Ferret Home

How Cold is Too Cold For Your Pooch?

BarnDogHouseBrrrrrrr! The cold weather is rolling in and it’s time to get out the heavy jackets and gloves. However, you still need to take Fido for a walk, and he loves hanging out in the backyard. But, is it “too cold” to keep your dog outside for extended amounts of time?

Your dog can’t tell you when he’s freezing his tail off, so it’s best that you prepare him for the winter months. A well insulated doghouse and the right doggie clothes can make this winter a fun one and keep you out of the vet’s office. Click Here to see what else you can do to keep your dog’s tail wagging in the winter.

What You Need To Know About Microchipping

tail2When a pet runs away it can be a terrible and frightening experience. Waves of fear and guilt come across a pet owner when a pet escapes from the home. Lost Dog signs and trips to the local pet shelter are necessary within a day or two of losing your pet and, if you have small children, the experience can be even more traumatic.

Microchipping cats and dogs is becoming more and more popular every year, but there are still more dogs that have not been microchipped compared to dogs that are chipped. Click Here to see what you need to know about microchipping your animal.

Keeping Your Yard Beautiful When Owning Pets

outdoor2When the mercury starts to rise and everyone in your neighborhood starts throwing barbeques, it’s time to start beautifying your yard. Unfortunately, many dog owners have backyards that are only used as glorified bathrooms for their pooches. A few scattered toys, a couple yellow patches and dog waste can be found every few steps. However, with a bit of work and some creativity, there is no reason that you cannot share a beautiful lawn with your dogs

If you’re interested in some unique ways to keep your beautiful while you’re a pet owner CLICK HERE.